Magical wonderland - Tusheti

Tusheti Protected Areas

4 days / 3 nights

About your guide, Soso

Soso is a former ranger of Tusheti National Park, who now works as a local guide. He has more than 8 years of experience and like most traditional Tushs, he owns a sheep farm and produces the famous Tushetian cheese.

Where we will be

Tusheti is a land hidden deep in the Caucasus Mountains with ancient towers, mountaintop castles and stone shrines, all nestled in picturesque alpine scenery.

Tusheti National Park is located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

What we’ll do

We will drive off road, hike, camp, and watch wildlife. Tusheti is the only place where the endangered bezoar goat remains in Georgia. They can be easily spotted during the early morning and evening.

We will travel through an ever-changing landscape of lush green forests and alpine meadows before emerging among medieval mountain towers and hamlets of Tusheti. Throughout the tour we come across isolated mountain communities, each observing ancient ancestral customs and traditions, resulting in not only a visually superb expedition but also one rich in cultural and ethnic aspects.

We will be based in the village of Omalo and take half-day minivan trips throughout all the gorges of Tusheti. We will visit the villages of Parsma, Girevi, Hecho, Diklo, Dartlo, and Shenako. We will visit the Etnographical Museum-Tower in Upper Omalo, discover ancient cryptograms, taste Tushetian Gouda cheese, and even make the famous Khinkali.

The tour includes

Transportation within Georgia, guide service, breakfast, lunch and dinner, binoculars, first aid kit, and luggage storage.

Trip best if taken

From June through October.

Language of the trip

English, Russian, or Georgian.

Nota Bene

Dress code: hiking boots and raincoat are a must.

Tusheti is known for fresh spring water, but if you prefer to use a purifier, please bring it along.

Group size

Minimum 2 and maximum 12 participants.


Paperwork: Signed waivers will be required. Please let us know in advance if you are pregnant or have any health or dietary restrictions.

Equipment: Hiking shoes, tent and sleeping bags are required or can be organized by host.

Additional services

At additional cost, we can provide:

  • Life and health insurance
  • Hotel or guesthouse if you do not want to stay in tent
  • Half-day horseback riding tour from Omalo
  • Trekking gear (carbon fiber trekking poles, tents, sleeping bags and other equipment based on your needs).

Tour code



from 300 GEL per person