Georgian Theater

Real Stage, Real Curtains, Real Actors

A behind-the-scenes look at Georgian theater

A day tour (mostly walking, lasts 6 hours total including the performance)

About your guide, Mariam

Mariam grew up in Tbilisi, in the family of playwrights and theater directors. Since early childhood, from the moment when her father founded a theater-studio in their family home, Mariam’s everyday life became very “theatrical.” Mariam chose a different profession, but the love of theater has stayed within her, and this Is how she shares it with you.

Where we will be

We will tour several leading theaters of Tbilisi and educational institutions where the theater art is being taught. In the evening, we will attend a performance.

What we’ll do

We will start with a glass of wine or coffee together with Mariam’s father, an artistic director of one of the city’s theaters and a professor of acting and directing at the leading theater and film school, Sandro Mrevlishvili. He will discuss the history of Georgian theater, its present, and future. We will then embark on a tour and check out several leading theaters from inside out. We will meet the stage crews, actors, and directors. We will peek behind the scenes, in dressing rooms, and if lucky, we will watch a rehearsal.  We will dine at one of the theater restaurants in old town, and finish the day with a performance, as proper spectators.

The tour includes

Entrance to all theaters, dinner, tickets for the performance, wine/coffee with the director.

Trip best if taken

From September to June (during the theater season).

Language of the trip

English, Russian, or Georgian.

Nota Bene

The dress code will be communicated beforehand based on the type of performance we will attend at the end of the day. You will have the opportunity to rest and change before the performance.

Group size

Minimum one and maximum 8 participants.


Paperwork: You'll be asked to sign a waiver form. Please let us know if you are pregnant, or have any health or nutritional restrictions.

 Age: There are no age restrictions except for the performance attendance, which depends on the rating. This will be communicated in advance.

Additional services

At additional cost, we can provide:

  • Theater poster auographed by an artist, director, or actor/s.
  • T shirt marking that you did a theater tour in Tbilisi.

Tour code



240 GEL per person