Best Price and Value

Getting the best price is great, getting the best value is even better. We offer diversity of tours that are flexible and address your needs.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We are a small company providing individualized service. You can speak directly with the knowledgeable person and plan your tour. Our team is working 24 and 7 to assist you.


We ensure that all our cars are undergoing the technical expertise, a regulation that exists only formally and is not enforced by the majority of tourism companies. We rebel against other acts of recklessness of Georgians – we ban the cell phone use during tours (another obvious rule that is neglected in Georgia). All our vehicles, drivers, and passengers are ensured. Our drivers have excellent driving record and at least 10 years of experience driving off road.

Hospitality with Respect to Diversity

You probably have heard about Georgian hospitality. We do our best to uphold the reputation. However, we respect different preferences, understand dietary or other restrictions based on ethical, religious, and other personal reasons.