Area expertise

We strongly believe in “area expertise”. We think that only those who are passionate about the landmarks and know them inside out, can provide visitors with the greatest experience. We also believe in travel that brings visitors closer to local culture, customs and traditions. This is why we employee mostly locals and only those who are experts in a given area.

Individualized service

We are a small organization. It is highly likely that you will be talking to one of the founders when you make an inquiry. We have personally taken all of the trips offered and can advice you on what to expect.


Trip4real Georgia will personalize and design the tour according to your preferences. Our flexibility will give you the opportunity to use the most of your available time. Together with you, our guides will build a schedule that is suits your travel plans and extend or shorten the offered trips based on what you like and how much time you have.


We believe in Georgia has a vast potential in tourism. We also believe that this opportunity must be utilized in the most responsible way to ensure that future generations keep enjoying our planet’s treasures. We design our tours so that we leave minimum footprint on nature.